About the Dallas Commission on Homelessness

In late April and the first week of May 2016, the City of Dallas, along with several local social service organizations, closed Tent City.

On May 9th, Mayor Rawlings issued a memo creating the Dallas Commission on Homelessness, saying

“We must now turn our focus to long-term strategies to address this scourge that so many American cities are battling.”

The Commission’s charge is to:

  1. Analyze our community’s current system for addressing homelessness.
  2. Compare it to best practices of similar communities.
  3. Deliver a focused set of strategies and recommendations for the City and County to consider going forward.

The objective is to position Dallas among the highest performing and progressive communities in addressing the complex issues involved with homelessness.

City councilmember appointees, homeless service providers, and city and community leaders comprise the 36-member commission.

Moving Forward

Over the next few weeks, we, working in subcommittees, will study best practices and innovative approaches to such topics as homelessness prevention and discharge planning, street outreach, health and supportive services, shelters, housing, and financing of supportive housing; and technology.

A large part of our success will depend on how well we listen. We want to hear what issues you face and what solutions you propose. If you have resources, ideas, or solutions to share, please use the form on the right to add them to the conversation. Please, also, fill out our survey.

Please check the calendar for upcoming events and meetings. Also, spend some time on the Documents page, where we’ve shared some of the research we’ve found. We will continually update this page as we learn more, hear more, and see more.

We hope you’ll join us in this effort to end homelessness in Dallas.

Together, we can do this.